1/4/19 NOTE: As of 1/4/14 all parts we had left in stock in our warehouse were sold. 
We are doing a physical inventory and if we find any other parts in our storage container, we will list them here in January/February.

Nth14031AA - Nth Degree Tummy Tucker for '03-'06 TJ 6cyl Auto trans, $529.99, we have 1 left

NthSTGR0795 Stinger link Bracket for non TTs (fits '97-'06 TJ) $49 each we have 2

Nth 14100AA Stinger Boom for '87-'95 YJ and '97-'06 TJ, SWB length $269 we have 1

Nth24200AB - Nth Degree Slider, Dana 44 rear axle (Rubicon). Fits 97-06 TJ. $200  we have 1, used

Bushing, Long Arm FUCA - SOFT  (NOTE: Placement of soft bushing is to the front of the front upper control arm at the axle end.) $9.99 each, we have 3 left

Bushing, Long Arm FUCA - HARD (NOTE: Placement of hard bushing is to the rear of the front upper control arm at the axle end.) $9.99 each, we have 1 left

NthHDWR5004 U-Bolt, Round 1/2" -20x3.13" Wx5" , $56.99 we have 3 left

NthHDWR2001+fastener, flagnut, 3/8" 16 x2.0" $9.50 each, we have 10 left

Nth99020AC: Nth Degree Hardware: GJ Front Upper Control Arm Hardware for Long Arm Kit - TJ/XJ/ZJ, $109.99 we have 1 left

Nth99012 Fastener Pack Stinger $26, we have 1 left

Nth99010 - Nth Degree Fastener Pack: Shock Shifter $21.99, we have 2 for sure, maybe 4 left

Nth Degree 5/8" x 3/4" High Strength Alloy Rod End for Stinger, $36.99 each we have 3 left-YOU MUST EMAIL MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR OLD ONE (there were three different sizes use throughout the years)

Nth23041: Nth Degree Right Rear Control Arm tower extension Bracket for TJ, (Use w/nth23040 only) we have 1 left, $50 each

Nth23040: Rear Trackbar tower-brace, Complete Bolt On w/ upper control arm mount. $239.99, we have 1 left.

Nth23030AA: Nth Degree Rear Spring Relocators. For 97-06 TJ w/rotated pinion - provides 1.5" lift. $150, missing the 2 u-bolts

Nth21901: Nth Degree Bar Pin Spacers for Shocks. $29.99, we have 1 left

Nth21024AA: 4.5" Rear "B" Springs (pair) for LJ, 2 pairs left $220 each pair

Nth21023AA: 4.5" Rear "A" Springs (pair) for TJ 1 good used set left, $100 for the pair. ALSO we have a pair of used good condition 4.5" Front A Rate Springs, $120/pair.

Nth21013AA 4.5 Front Springs TJ (ONE), 1 new spring (not a pair), $80.

Nth Degree Lightning Rod Disconnects for 2-6" lift. Fits 97-06 Wrangler. Uses existing stock links. 2 new sets  $80 each

Nth Degree Front Trackbar and adjustable Brace for 4.5"-6" lifted 97-06 TJs (note NO track bar, adj. brace only) $50, we have 2 (brace only)

Nth20300: Nth Degree Stinger Bridge, LCP1, 2 left, $119.99 for one w/horseshoe and $78.00  for 1 w/no horseshoe.

Nth Degree Rear Lower Control Arm - Stretch (left) - Bare Metal, 1 left $395.99 each (This is for a STRETCH Nth)

Nth Degree Rear Lower Control Arm - Stretch (right) - Bare Metal, 1 left $395.99 each (This is for a STRETCH Nth)

Available to first caller/first order. Availability is subject to change as parts are selling quickly. If you want it, you need to call and get it, as it might be GONE tomorrow.

NOTE: We may have more hardware packs and used parts, but I won't have that list until January or February when our end of year inventory list is finalized.  If what you are looking for is NOT listed, we are sorry but we DON'T have it. Currently Know Where To Jeep is M.I.A. and a lot of people are looking for parts anywhere that may have some left. We understand this. We haven't been able to get any return calls or emails from Eric at Know Where to Jeep either. We are NOT affiliated with Know Where to Jeep and we don't have a "bat phone" to get in touch with Eric. Please don't call us to ask us to try and get ahold of him for you. We haven't heard from him for 3 months.






























All J Products has already installed OVER 250 Nth Degree and AEV Suspension Systems and tons of Nth Degree armor on Jeep TJ, LJ and JK Wranglers! We've even custom fabricated the Nth Degree product to work great on SFA Jeep KJ Liberties!!  Our Techs know these kits and Nth Degree's product line like no other 4x4 shop...and we professionally install them right here in our So. Cal shop, located in Big Bear Lake, CA. (east of Los Angeles).  Give us a call to get great pricing on Nth Degree systems and professional, experienced installation, or stop by our shop, we are happy to see you!  We are very proud to say that we continue to be the #1 WORLDWIDE Selling & Installing Dealer for Nth Degree and AEV Suspensions since 1995! Call 909-866-4800.

JK Wrangler Nth Degree AEV Lift installation is $975. JK lift info.







Nth Degree Tummy Tucker

Tummy Tucker ™

Solid protection for your YJ, TJ, Rubicon transmission, transfer case, catalytic converter, etc. thanks to extensive gusseting and up-turned leading & trailing edges. Comes Black Powder Coated.


$529 - In shop Installation approx 3 hrs.

Nth Degree Mobility Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, Rubicon Suspension Systems


Lightning Rod Disconnects -- Fits TJs w/ 2"-6" of lift.
$129 plus s&h


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