Quinn and Heather -- Owners

Quinn and Heather run All J Products together like a tight running machine - Heather runs the office and all of the business details, while Quinn runs every aspect of the shop. We all know Heather is the real boss around here, but Quinn says he likes it that way. ;-)

Quinn on a slow day at All J Products. 
His cell phone was ringing, too.  ;)

This is Bailey...she's the shop dog! -- She likes being the ONLY dog at the shop, so PLEASE don't bring in another dog for her to play with...she doesn't play well with other dogs. But, she loves kids and everyone else. :)


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All J Products is a family owned business. Together, we have over 40 years of combined experience in four-wheeling, and our staff has immense experience building Jeep vehicles. Our specialty is designing and fabricating Jeep aftermarket parts and body armor that are made to be functional as well as good looking. Additionally, we have over 20 years of experience in the national automotive industry, over 30 years experience in various engineering fields, and over five years experience in the steel industry. We are an authorized professional suspension system installation dealer for various lift kit manufacturers, including Nth Degree Mobility, Rubicon Express, Full Traction, Daystar, SuperLift and other well-known lift kits.  We modify Jeeps and perform scheduled maintenance for your Jeep, stock, modified, or whatever - we're here for you and YOUR Jeep!

At All J Products our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and the best products. It doesn't matter if you are a hard-core wheeler, if you enjoy scenic trail riding with your family, or just want to explore the mountains or deserts, we can help set up your vehicle the way you need it for the way you use it. We know that not everyone needs a hard core trail rig, most of us have to drive our rigs to work everyday. Whichever way you want your vehicle set up, we can do it.

Our current personal collection of Jeeps includes a HEMI Powered 2007 Unlimited 4-door JK Wrangler, a 97 4.0L TJ Wrangler , a V8 Vortec powered CJ8 Scambler, and a 93 higly modified Grand Cherokee! In the past we've also owned XJ Cherokees, CJ7's and CJ5s, an M715 1968 Jeep truck, A V8 powered Jeepster Commando and flat fenders. Everyone here at All J Products owns at least one Jeep. We participate in many four-wheeling events and local club activities. We are also very active members of our local 4X4 club, the Bear Valley 4x4 Club. All J Products is also proud to be an Associate Member of CORVA.

All of our Boulder Bars (rocker panel protection) and Bumpers are made in vehicle-specific welding fixtures to ensure the highest quality and fit. All J Product's Boulder Bars are made with heavy-duty 2"x 2" x 3/16" OR 2"x3" x 3/16" thick box tubing. All J Product's Bumpers are made of heavy-duty 2"x 5" x 3/16" thick box tubing. Another great feature found on our Boulder Bars and Bumpers is that all ends are capped and welded. After each part is assembled and welded, a full inspection and cleaning is done. Then the Boulder Bars and Bumpers are sand blasted before getting powder coated with a thick Satin Black finish. All of our products are built to provide the strongest body protection available, while providing the least amount of loss in ground clearance and a great look.

Before our products are released to you, our customer, we fully test the prototypes on our own Jeeps, as well as other Jeeps in our local clubs. Testing is done on the trail, with real life situations, in locations such as: The Rubicon Trail, California; Moab, Utah; Big Bear, California; Johnson Valley's Hammers, CA, and many other local California hot spots in the rocks.

 We test all of the products we sell, and we have owned a lot of Jeep vehicles, so we know what works and what doesn't. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy. Our best sales people are our customers who use and recommend our products and services to others. --To our customers: Thank you for your support! We wouldn't be the company we are today with out you. Happy Jeeping!

If you need any additional information about our products, please call 909-866-4800 or e-mail us at info@boulderbars.com. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have!