ARB Touring Rooftop Tent
$1485 plus shipping

Fits any Jeep vehicle with a rooftop rack capable of holding 750 lbs
(Tent weighs 95 lbs)

Also fits any Bronco, Toyota, or other vehicle with a rooftop rack that can hold 750 lbs

An ARB Touring rooftop
tent is the ultimate in
comfort and convenience for you and your family while you're out enjoying your favorite camping spot or when your off-road trail turns into an overnight adventure.

Mount the ARB Touring tent to the roof of a vehicle or to the top of an off-road trailer.  When you reach your camping spot, simply unfold the tent in minutes, then climb up into your elevated sleeping
quarters that are protected from the elements and from pesky critters.

A rooftop tent means sleep-easy camping. Spacious and comfortable, it contains all bedding during travel which frees up storage space in the vehicle, and can be mounted on a number of angles for optimum versatility.

A rooftop tent is less expensive and easier to carry than a camper trailer, and is ideal for overnight stays or extended travel. But, if a camping trailer is what you are after, simply attach this rooftop tent to a military-style off-road trailer and you have a very capable off-road trailer with your sleeping quarters in-tow! 


Manufactured from high quality, cotton / poly ripstop fabric -breathable, waterproof & mold resistant

Able to be mounted to the rear or side of a vehicle or trailer

Comfortable 2.5" high density foam mattress with removable cover to facilitate cleaning

Sturdy, aluminum retractable ladder

Insulated aluminum framed and clad base reduces weight
and helps prevent cold seeping through the floor

Window awnings supported on spring steel stays which
allow for windows to be opened during rain

Flysheet raised above the tent on multiple bows to keep the tent cooler in sun and eliminate condensation in the cold

Permanent air vents reduce condensation

Insect screened doors and windows

Bungee cord system to assist with packing away the rooftop tent

Enhanced mounting system - no need to drill into roof rack or bars - simple to install and remove when not in use

Comes complete with mounting hardware, wrenches, ladder, travel cover and comprehensive instructions (optional ladder extension available for taller applications)

Size closed: 55" x 47" x 15" / Size open: 55" x 94" x 52"


AWNING for Rooftop Tent

ROOFTOP RACK CAGE for Rooftop Tent



Our rooftop tents fold away for easy transportation.

+ + The rooftop tent easily folds out from on top of the vehicle, to provide comfortable sleeping quarters in minutes.











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