Mike Moore
Jeep TJ - Wrangler

From Mike Moore -
"The Jeep known as Monster TJ was outfitted with Boulder Bars shortly after it was lifted and at the same time as the skid plates and other off-road protection was installed. For almost 2 1/2 years the Boulder Bars protected the Monster while traversing the Rubicon, the Dusy-Ershim and numerous other off-road adventures.

On the evening of March 10 Monster TJ was assaulted by a full size Dodge Dakota pick-up. Sadly, the Monster did not survive but the Boulder Bars rose to the occasion and helped to save the occupants. As the truck hit the side of the Monster, the firewall and dash were broken from the impact. The driverís door was pushed in 10 to 14 inches and the entire body of the vehicle was pushed 6 to 8 inches off-center from the frame. The only thing that stopped the truck from coming completely through the vehicle was the Boulder Bars. As the bumper and body came through the side of the Jeep the tires finally met the Boulder Bars. This stopped the truck from coming any further into the passenger compartment. The Dodge then rolled monster TJ.

Mike's NEW replacement TJ, a 2001!
The Monster was a total loss but the Boulder Bars survived with no structural damage. Thanks to Steve at All J Products, a little cleanup and a fresh powder coat, the Boulder Bars have been installed on what is turning out to be the re-incarnation of Monster TJ."

Mike's Rolled TJ is pictured to the right and left. As he mentioned above, All J Products reinstalled this same set of Boulder Bars onto Mike's NEW TJ.

We're glad you're alright, Mike!


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