Steven Hicks
KJ - Liberty


"You guys are the best. When some other company bailed on delivering what they promised, Quinn stepped up and delivered. I had ten guys planning on spending a Saturday installing my new 2.5 KJ lift, rescheduling wouldn't have been pretty. now the Libby is lifted, I added 265/75R16 REVOs, and thanks to you, she's ready for our next club trail run on the 21st (!

Here's a shot of it finished for now, though Boulderbars aren't far
off. Sorry it isn't on the trail, but give me a couple of weeks..."
-- Steven

Update -- "We just got back from a trail run at Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania. I think we heard, "those boulder bars just paid for themselves" shouted at us from spotters about a half dozen times! "
-- Steven

Steven Hadley- Jeep KJ Liberty


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