NEW!!! Specially made Gas Can and Water Can with Holder Kits!
For All J Products Rubicon Rack and Tire Carrier Systems or other rear tire racks and applications.


We are so confident in the design and materials used to make our holders that all can holders come with our “Built for Off Road”® lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

AT® uses 0.125” thick, clear anodized aluminum for their holders. Strong and functional each unit weighs 6 lbs. The holder has built in attachment points so it can be mounted in any variety of positions, apart from upside down.

The AT® can holder can be mounted as a single unit, or the holders can be bolted together to form banks for roof rack or rear carrier applications.

AT makes two straps for the holders. A strap for the CARB can, see the picture of the red fuel can, and a strap for the NATO style can, see the picture of the blue water can.

Please let us know which style of can strap you need when you order.

Our strap mechanism holds the cans firmly in place without the use of any hardware, and is lockable.

































Gas Can/Water Can Holder (each) - Alum. 

Note: We only have one Display Alum. Can Holder left in stock that is Power Coated Satin Black.  Ready to ship!




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