Here are some maps to our location in Big Bear Lake, CA:

Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas. “A” marked on map is All J Products - Big Bear's Jeep Shop.


Big Bear Lake – Big Bear Blvd in yellow meets up with “Stanfield Cutoff” which leads across the lake to “North Shore Drive.”  The “A” marked on this map is All J Products. 41610 Brownie Lane is one street back (south) from Big Bear Blvd, between Wren Drive and Thrush Drive.

Big Bear Blvd in yellow.  “A” marked on map is All J Products – 41610 Brownie Lane is one street above Big Bear Blvd, between Wren Drive and Thrush Drive.  For landmarks, look on the corner of Big Bear Blvd and Thrush for “Carl’s Jr.”  Ignore “KFC” on this map -KFC is no longer in business.  If you need further directions, call us at 909-866-4800.


Independence Day, July 4





Some background on All J Products:

All J Products was a small Jeep Accessory start-up in Garden Grove, CA.  Our first product was our Boulder Bars, and then Boulder Bumpers were soon highly requested.  After several years in Garden Grove, we moved to Riverside, CA.  After five or so years in a small Riverside shop, we decided we needed a lot more shop area and a bigger retail showroom so in January 2003 we made the move to a 6,000 sqf shop in Colton, CA.  This is where our Jeep shop really took off!  We expanded our product line to include skid plates, tire carriers, racks, and a whole slew of custom built steel products.  We also added thousands of Jeep accessories to our retail store from hundreds of well-known manufacturers.

We continued to grow and nurture our Jeep Shop and Retail Shop in Colton.  We built up our customer base to be very impressive by any small business standard.  We are so proud to have customers drive from as far as Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico to have their Jeeps modified and accessorized by All J Products!  We are also very proud to have such a loyal and terrific local customers as well!  Many of our local customers have become good friends and we enjoy Jeeping with them whenever we can get away from the shop. 

Then to top it all off, we are humbled by the thousands of wonderful "online" customers we have too!  Our web site brings us great customers from all over the U.S.A, from all over the world, such as Canada, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Germany, and Iceland!  How great it has been to talk to our customers across the USA and across the world!  We are truly thankful for your patronage! 

And we've been in Big Bear Lake for over a decade now!

How excited we are to own our own Jeep Shop in Big Bear Lake where we live! Our local Southern Cal. customers have told us they would have no one else work on their Jeeps and they would gladly drive the extra 50 miles to our Jeep Shop in Big Bear Lake!  Of course they mention that after their Jeep is done they plan on hitting the many great trails in the San Bernardino Mountains!  What a wonderful place for a shop that specializes in Jeeps, since there are so many great Jeep trails within two miles of All J Products Jeep Shop!   

For any customer who really wants to stay with All J Products as his/her family Jeep shop, but may be anxious about driving up mountain highways, we will now also offer PICK-UP and DROP-OFF service to our customers who live “down-the-hill.”  All J Products will pick-up your Jeep and securely load it on our specially made Jeep trailer!  For pick-up and drop-off from the bottom of highway 330 or 38, the fee is $275 for the round-trip.  For pick-up/drop-off from the bottom of highway 18 in Lucerne Valley the fee is only $125 for the round-trip!  It's nice to have your Jeep picked up in stock condition and returned to you totally tricked out!  We will also arrange for a local (Big Bear Area) tow for $65 each way. We hope all of our “down-the-hill” customers like this newly added service!

Physical Address: 41610 Brownie Lane, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Mailing Address: PO BOX 1888, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1888

Phone numbers: 909-866-4800






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