IPF Lights

Jeep Wrangler JK H4 Headlight Conversion
$165.00 -- Now Available!

IPF Performance Lighting developed the a replacement headlamp kit to improve the lighting performance and beam pattern over the original equipment head lights for the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2010).

Dedicated optimum light output lens pattern
Hardened glass lens
IPF H4 Super J Beam 55/60 watt bulbs
Supplied as a complete kit
Quick Installation


IPF 930 Super Ralley Lights

Lightweight (oversize) aluminum housings and high wattage bulbs, in addition to stainless steel hardware and gussets, have made these lamps the obvious choice for competition. In fact, these lights were originally developed specifically for rally racing and are the most powerful lighting option we offer.



Complete kit includes

IPF 968CS Light Kit

The best value off-road lamp kit available. It boasts all of the appreciated IPF features with an affordable price. The IPF 968 CS lights also seem a lot brighter than their 55w rating.
Measures 4"x7"x3"
A tough polycarbonate casing is the key to toughness and low cost. The mounting system allows for proper indexing and rigidity vs. a comparable competitors lamps. The competitors lamps are made from cheap pot metal, the IPF lamps are made from steel; a much nicer and more professionally built lamp kit. The IPF 968CS kit is complete with two lamps, two covers, snap together wiring loom and mouse style switch. IPF lamps boast some of the best reliability in the industry; they are quality built lamps!

Wide bearm offroad IPF lamps


IPF 900XS Drive Beam

Designed for serious use, this performance light is actually rated for submersion in water and will provide years of hassle free use, no matter what conditions you subject them to. This is our most popular light.


  • Driving Beam for Drive Beam kit, Spot Beam for Spot Beam kit.
  • Tough, heavy gauge steel body
  • Submersible to 11.8" for up to two minutes
  • Advanced heatproof resin reflector, incorporating water and dust resistant breather
  • Reflector surface and design optimized to bulb design for ultimate performance
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Advanced IPF 65W H9 halogen bulb with water and dust seal for maximum life and performance
  • Reinforced multi directional mounting base
  • Waterproof connectors on bulb lead and loom connection


  • 8.5"H x 8"W x 4.5"D

Complete kit includes

  • 2 lights with weatherproof connectors
  • Complete snap together wiring loom & relay
  • Mouse style LED switch
  • Robust black brush guards
  • Light stays


IPF 8161 Back-Up Light Kit
$85 - Web Site Only Special Deal

Halogen back up lamp kit

Mount this light on the rear of your vehicle for improved visibility (even with tinted windows) when backing up, or in your pickup bed for loading and unloading safely in low-light conditions.

Black Steel Body
55W Halogen Bulb
Prism Cut, Hardened Glass Lens
Unique Switch Allows Automatic or Manual Control

4"H x 6"W x 2.5"D

Complete Kit Includes:

1 Light with Weatherproof Connectors
Complete Snap Together Wiring Loom & Relay
Unique 3-Position Switch





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