All J Products Rear Tire Carrier for 97+ Wranglers
For All J Products Rear Bumpers

All J Products Tire Carrier and Rubicon Racks are the ultimate solution for holding your heavy offroad tire and your gear on your Jeep! We build each of these systems to each Jeep Wrangler owners individual specifications and we build them to handle the weight of all of the accessories that you want to carry. They are supported almost entirely from the bumper, but we have added a tub support on each side for added strength. This is to stabilize the Tire Carrier and rack system and to ensure it will not move or vibrate; go ahead and feel confident to load up your rack with your gear and accessories!

Another great feature the All J Products Tire Carrier is its dual hinge and dual latch set-up. Our Tire carrier uses replaceable bronze bushings, which keep the tire rack tight over time. Our Tire Rack is also designed as a modular system. On the Jeep TJ/LJ,  the stock tire holder is used to save you money. Additionally, this also allows the rear center brake light to remain intact, if equipped. Tire Carrier Options include: CB or Ham antenna mount, gas can mounts, Hi-Lift jack mount, a "Rubicon Style" Tire Rack (as shown), space for a Powertank mount, and much more. Call for complete details. The Rubicon Rack is compatible with any of All J Products' TJ/LJ Rear Bumpers (already installed, or bought new with your All J Tire Carrier)! Our tire carrier and rack is by FAR the best Tire Carrier and Rack system on the market and we can custom build one for you - just call and let us know what options you want!

TJ Standard Rear Tire Carrier: $449.99
Bumper and Rubicon Rack sold separately. All J Products' Tire Carrier only works with All J Products' Bumpers.  We must know if you have a body lift on your Jeep.

Rubicon Rack with integrated gas/water container mounting plate (old style shown on the yellow Jeep above - photo of new style mounting plate and Rotopax fuel/water containers is coming soon). Rubicon Rack also includes mount for Hi-Lift Jack: $395 (Without gas/water mounting plate, the Rubicon Rack is $365)

If you aren't ordering the Rubicon Rack and want a Hi-Lift Mount on your Tire Carrier: Add $30

Gas Can and/or Water Can on the Rubicon Rack: We have switched over to using ONLY Rotopax fuel and water cells - we no longer offer the metal gerry can style cans. Rotopax are such an improvement over the old-style cans that we just love them - they look great and are always available!!! Plus the Rotopax 2- or 3- gallon size is so much easier and manageable to use while filling up your gas tank. the mounts for the Rotopax depend on which mount you prefer (Locking, non-locking). Check out our Rotopax page for options. The optional mounting plate as noted above is required for the Rubicon Rack.

Adding a CB or Ham Radio Antenna Mount to the Passenger side or Driver Side of the Tire Carrier: Add $20 per mount.

Our Tire Carrier Rack Systems are very popular and currently we build each set-up to order.  Usually the timeframe from date of order to when it is ready for installation is approx. 2-3 weeks. If you want to make sure you get one for your upcoming Jeep trip, make sure to get your order in to us as soon as possible!

Also please note:  Currently , All J Product's Tire Carrier and Rubicon Rack are only available for installation in our shop.  Shipping is not currently available.  Your Jeep must have an All J Products' Rear Bumper to work with this tire carrier system.


All J Products Standard Tire Carrier with Rubicon Rack (current style Rubicon Rack is on the yellow Jeep to the left).
Antenna Mount is $20 extra for each mount. For CB or Ham antenna (can also have one of each on either side of the carrier.
This Tire Carrier System (Rear Bumper w/Returns and Shackles, Rear Tire Carrier, Premium Rubicon Rack, (Gas/Water Cans and Holders as shown no longer available - we now use RotopaX fuel and water cells), and the Hi-Lift Jack Mount was custom made for one of our customers. He needed a very sturdy and high quality Tire Carrier for his 40" Baja Claws!
All J Products' Tire Carrier System is well known for being the ONLY tire carrier on the market that will handle all of this weight and still not rattle, shake, or bend under the pressure!  We have even put a 285lb man on the Rubicon Rack and the tire carrier (with a 35" MT/R mounted) and our carrier maintained it's precision operation - it opened and closed perfectly! This rack can handle the weight and look great doing it.


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